10 Epic Movies To Re-watch

I love being reminded of something wonderful that I haven’t thought about for a long time. Sometimes it’s a favourite shampoo or an old pair of shoes, but usually it’s a movie that I haven’t seen for a while. So these are some kind-of-older movies that are super awesome. Hopefully you can re-enjoy a few of them.

(not really in any particular order)

10. Fight Club  (1999)


Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen it, I will say that I am usually not a huge fan of this style of plot twist. However, this movie has a perfect combination of action, darkness, and comedy, and there is nothing about it that doesn’t work.

9. The Departed  (2006)


Maybe this movie isn’t as old as the rest, but if you haven’t seen it for about eight years, I’d say it’s due for a re-watch. My personal Scorsese favourite, this movie is blunt, gritty, and complex. 

8. Gladiator  (2000)


Where epic-ness is concerned, it doesn’t really get much better than this. Russell Crowe is just such a badass.

7. The Shawshank Redemption  (1994)


This is Internet Movie Database’s #1 movie on their Top 250 list, so that pretty much makes my point. I don’t know why Tim Robbins hasn’t stayed in the spotlight because this proves how incredibly capable he is.

6. Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles  (1994)

Interview with the Vampire 1

A real vampire movie with vampires that don’t sparkle or wear miniskirts. Seriously, these vampires are actually cool.

5. A Few Good Men  (1992)


Round two for Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson fans! This film deals with complicated issues in a captivating and inspiring way. Plus, Jack Nicholson is really good at playing the “likeable bad guy” role.

4. A Time to Kill  (1996)


This is one of my all time favourites. The cast is phenomenal, the subject matter is dark, and the message is inspiring.

3. Good Will Hunting  (1997)

good will hunting

Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgard, and Minnie Driver are good. Matt Damon is great. Robin Williams is amazing.  Some of the scenes are unforgettable. Just watch it.

2. The Silence of the Lambs  (1991)


One of the best thrillers of all time, in my opinion. Speaking of likeable bad guys, Hannibal Lecter is basically the most likeable, ever.

1. American Beauty  (1999)


Strange. Beautiful. Disturbing. Funny. These are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about this amazing movie. It is highly entertaining but also very thought-provoking, and definitely worth a          re-watch.

Well, these are some of my personal favourites; these ten movies never get old and always leave me completely amazed. Hopefully you enjoy some of them, too!

What are some of the movies on your “epic” list? I probably forgot a few of my own favourites, so let me know some of yours!

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42 thoughts on “10 Epic Movies To Re-watch

  1. Oh, Fight Club. One of my all-time favourites. I love all of the other movies on this list, too. My epic movie list includes the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, Forrest Gump, Big Fish, Inception, Pulp Fiction, tons others. Even though some of those aren’t old at all, they were instant classics for me.

    • Those are all amazing movies. I seriously considered adding LOTR, the only reason I didn’t is because The Hobbit is out, so LOTR is sort of big again because of that. But it is definitely my favourite movie series.

      • Yes, every single thing about LOTR is so amazing.
        When I first heard that they were making a three-part movie about a 200-somthing page prequel book, I was pissed. I found that the first one was only mediocre (nothing compared to LOTR) but I thought that the second one was better.
        I have just been trying to separate them from LOTR because they will never come close, and just look at it as a chance to return to Middle Earth at least. Did you see both parts?

      • I haven’t seen the second one yet, but I didn’t like the first one. It might be because I’m comparing it to LOTR, which it’s not, it’s a different story, but I just didn’t feel it. I think I need to separate them, too.

  2. American Beauty! God damn I love that movie so much. As far as my favorite epic movies to rewatch… definitely LOTR, Watchmen, Se7en (although it’s not really epic, just amazing), Alien, 300, Apocalypto, anything Tarantino.

  3. Certainly agree with you here on The Departed and Good Will Hunting. The nostalgia factor draws me back to late 90’s Damon and Affleck, and The Departed is simply as well structured and directed as a thriller can be.
    As far as an epic/renowned film that I can re-watch over and over goes, I’d have to agree with the above comment and say the near-faultless Watchmen, or The Usual Suspects. Unless you count Clerks II…

  4. Agree with six out of ten. The other four I either haven’t seen or can’t really remember which I guess removes them from the epic category for me! Thanks for the reminder of some really great movies worth re-watching Jenna!

  5. I used to watch Fight Club like once a month, definitely one of my favourites. I would have put Requiem for a Dream on there somewhere too to go along with the dark subject matter. And Devin! I’m glad someone loves Apocalypto as much as me!

    • Fight Club is awesome! And interesting choice with Requiem for a Dream. Definitely a powerful movie, but I found it very disturbing. The storyline with the older lady (Leto’s character’s mom I think) still bothers me. I think the only movie that left me more disturbed was The Machinist. Not saying they’re not good, just that I don’t way to re-watch them haha. One thing that I loved about Requiem was the soundtrack!

      • It’s one of those movies that you want to rewatch because they’re so amazing but certain parts just freak you out. The Machinist was really interesting but I found it a lot like a darker Fight Club.

  6. For me, I would have to add Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goldfinger, The Usual Suspects, Se7en, The Fugitive, and National Treasure. I know a lot of people aren’t in love with National Treasure, but I could watch that film on a loop for days!

  7. “A Time To Kill” was one of my favorites back in the day. I watched it at the theater multiple times. I became a big Matthew McConaughey fan after that and was excited to see what he would do next – and then he never matched that kind of performance again and then started doing all of those lame rom-coms; a few years later he finally woke up and started taking quality roles again and he has now become one of the top actors in Hollywood, just as I thought he would after ATTK.

  8. Clerks is definitely on my re-watch list! Interview With a Vampire is what I always refer to when I tell the tales to young kiddies of a time when Vampires were awesome.

    • Yep, Tom Cruise makes a badass vampire. Mind you, I think the vampires on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are pretty cool too (despite their cheesy special effects)
      And thanks for the reminder, I should re-watch Clerks!

  9. Nice list! I probably will put Fight Club at number one, but glad to see it here. I almost love all of the movies you include, glad to see I am not the only one who love Good Will Hunting 🙂 My other favourite movies would be: Harry Potter, Dark knight series and Back to the future. Yes, I am that geeky.

    • Thanks! Fight Club is a pretty awesome movie, it was hard to decide on the order. And Good Will Hunting will always be one of my favourites. I especially love Robin Williams’ character.
      And don’t worry. Geeky is good. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Batman have all played an important role in my personal development. Especially the LOTR and HP books, which is probably more geeky than my love of the movies!
      Thanks for reading1

      • Oh I read those books too. Except Tolkein. Haven’t got chance to wrap my hands around LOTR books.

      • It took me a while to get through LOTR, but it was worth it! You should check them out, there are so many little details that the movies can’t include.
        Did you like the Harry Potter books or the movies better? I have heard so many different opinions on which is better, I personally prefer the books, again, just because of all of the little details that the movie misses.

      • I always like the books better because of the details you mentioned. The only book that matches the movie for me is The perks of being wallflower. I might be biased on that one.

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