Netflix Edition: Celeste & Jesse Forever

Director: Lee Toland Krieger

Stars: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, and Elijah Wood

Sentence Summary: A story about how easy it is to take the good stuff in life for granted.


So I love a good romantic movie as much as the next person. They make me feel happy… until I turn off the TV and tune back into reality. Until I tune back into the unflattering light, the dust bunnies in the corner, that stain on my shirt, and every other little thing that reminds me that my life is nothing like a perfect romantic movie. Then I am left feeling crappy and depressed.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is different from most romantic movies. In fact, it’s sort of the opposite. It is a reminder of how we all want that perfect relationship, but none of us are ever gonna get it because nobody is perfect. Humans are naturally flawed and annoying. It’s a reminder that even good relationships are actually really hard, so even when you’re prefect with someone, life is never going to be like a romantic movie.

Maybe this sounds like common sense, but for me, watching this movie was a good reminder to take the little things in stride, and to remember to think about the good stuff. It’s so easy to get outraged about  the shoes that are left for the hundredth time directly in front of the door, but this story is a reminder that these things don’t really matter. These little annoyances pale in comparison to the importance of the fact that he/she can make you smile when you’re sad, and gets your jokes, and tries really hard to make you happy. This movie reminded me that this stuff is worth fighting for.

Rashida Jones is a beautiful, talented woman who both wrote and starred in this underrated, sweet, and honest movie that is definitely worth the watch. Jones is so likeable as the protagonist who wants her husband to be just a little bit better. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting that, her character realizes that it is so important to count your blessings while they’re there to be counted. A good reminder for those in relationships, and overall a decent movie.  I am excited to see what else Jones has in store.

Verdict: See it when you’re in the mood for something light and thoughtful.

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10 thoughts on “Netflix Edition: Celeste & Jesse Forever

  1. Good review Jenna. The movie definitely doesn’t have too much insight going for it, but it still works well with presenting us with characters we can care about and at least sympathize with, even when they do make some bone-headed moves. Mainly Celeste.

    • Thanks, and yeah I agree. Average movie, good characters! I really like Rashida Jones normally though, so I went in sort of biased. But normally I’m not a huge fan of Samberg, so I was impressed by his likeable character.

  2. I’ve been reading nothing but good things about this movie. I really like Rashida Jones. Must see this soon.

    Good review!

    • Thanks! You should check it out. Rashida Jones is awesome, she always seems so intelligent and laid back. Plus, it’s pretty cool that she helped write the movie too. I’m not always a fan of Andy Samberg’s work, but he was good in this too.

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