The FUCKS That We Should Start to Give

While this has absolutely nothing to do with movies, this is an issue that I care deeply about, and my talented friend has some important things to say about it. It baffles me that homophobia is still an issue in this day and age, but if you happen to be suffering from this problem, please read this blog post, and stop being a dick.

Paris is Gagging


There were a thousand other ways to start this post—probably more than that—but it’s 12:58am on a Thursday, so forgive me if my math skills are faltering.

So fuck. There it is.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I’m an openly gay man living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It’s weird as all hell to say “man” when I refer to myself because I still think that I’m pre-pubescent or something. Let the record show: I’m 21 years old. A number deemed by the law as the sufficient amount of years for one to be alive so that he or she can be considered an “adult”. That in itself is strange to me. I think that I am still far too immature to be considered an adult. Sure I can drive capably, drink responsibly, pay taxes, but that doesn’t mean that my brain is ready to handle…

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